Cafetto EVO Espresso Machine Cleaner 500G


Cafetto Evo Espresso Machine cleaner is a must have to clean and back flush your espresso machine. It is BFA registered as complying with the Australian Standards for use with organic products. Cafetto Evo = clean machine = good espresso.

  1. Backflush all visible coffee grinds
  2. One spoonful in the blind filter (has no holes)
  3. Carefully add boiling water and place handle into machine head
  4. Leave at least 5 mins to allow the chemical cleaner to strip the coffee oil build up. Immediate backflushing will not allow time to dissolve the rancid oils.
  5. Water back flush 7 to 10 times to clean away all the coffee oils and chemical and run a seasoning shot of espresso before use

We recommend this practice be done daily or twice daily in high use environments at the end of service with commercial machines & weekly with domestic machines. It is not how many coffees that make a machine head dirty but how long the coffee oils are left to go hard beneath the machine head. Coffee Lab New Zealand Facebook page has a step by step photo demonstrration of this process in the photos section.