High grade Specialty Coffees are like fine wines...a step up from everyday coffee and a delight to the aficionado and great for a special treat! Coffee Lab has sourced some beautiful coffees for coffee lovers, and recommend you get a surprise specialty coffee standing order of the coffee on offer for the week. This is purely an exercise of coffee decadence and born from our love affair with exceptional coffees.

Specialty Coffee is, as it suggests, coffee that is extraordinary and identified scoring 80/100 or higher. Not all coffee is equal and we buy coffee we first assess and cup that comes up to our taste profile expectationd of good coffee. Most of our coffee is sourced by Direct Trade which means we source from the farmers and the payments go directly to the farmers.

We pay well above Fair Trade prices and by doing this it rewards excellence with the growers and gives them the means to continue their dedication to coffee excellence in the growing, picking, processing and bagging phase of the coffee journey beofre it gets to you.