Having lived in Brasil as missionaries in the late 80's Rob and Anna were forever changed from their times spent in the slums of Fortaleza, Ceara. "We met some of our best friends in these places and it has become part of our life mission to help people make dignity a choice and feed their families and in some way help children who are orphaned and abandoned or have been forced out of their homes. I personally had my heart broken from what I have seen in Brasil and the Philippines and we in New Zealand are incredibly privileged with the life choices and opportunities made available to us through birth in NZ. Business became a strategy for us to earn finances to reach out. We want to make a difference. We also make regular trips into the lives of underprivileged in the third world to do what ever we can to give a hand up, help out and vision of hope for a better future.

Not being part of the solution to alleviate human suffering is just not an option for us.

Projects we are involved with are not just in coffee communities but with the people we have made relationships with over the years. We currently regularly help support an orphanage in the Philippines - www.lovethechildrenfoundation.org. We visit these kids every year and it's been awesome to be a part of their lives... To laugh with them, play marbles, dance and sing and ride the slides at the pools on a special day out, read bedtime stories... and watch them grow into fine individuals.

Over the years we have been involved in micro enterprise business help, education, building homes, community toilets, feeding, visiting and whatever we can do to make a difference. Anna is looking forward to helping rescue beautiful young girls from sex traffickers this year into a life as normal as possible. We get to the coal face and go out into the lives of these beautiful people who need someone to care. It takes money to do this and our business is a tool for that.

Thank you for helping us help others through supporting our business.