The AeroPress is inexpensive, compact and simple to operate. A paper filter and about 14 grams coffee grounds are placed in the plastic tube, which is held over a cup while hot at about 96 degrees (not boiling) water is poured, then the plunger is pushed down, expelling the coffee. One foodie magazine says it nicely combines the "slightly heavier body of French press coffee and the cleanness of drip coffee." It generates coffee in less than a minute without bitterness or unwanted grounds and the coffee is exceptionally smooth. Comes with reusable paper filters.

The AeroPress, like an espresso machine, pushes a small amount of water through the grounds, which means you get the more readily water soluble/mixable components of the coffee, but not much of the the ones that seep into the water slower, over a longer brewing period. Since those longer-brew components don't happen to taste as nice (to most people, at least), this is a good thing.

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