Happy Easter Everyone!

RSS By Anna McGregor | Apr. 14, 2017

Hope everyone has an awesome Easter Holiday!

Coffee Lab cafe will be CLOSED Easter Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday.

See you Tuesday 18th April at 7.30am :)


An AWESOME & BEAUTIFUL 2017 to everyone!!!

RSS By Anna McGregor | Jan. 18, 2017

It's been a great summer! We are O P E N for 2017 and look forward to seeing you at Coffee Lab store to share holiday astories and drink amazing coffee.



We are CLOSED for holidays & REOPEN MON JAN 16

RSS By Anna McGregor | Dec. 24, 2016

HAPPY, AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL 2017 and magnificent Holidays WITH LOTS OF LOVE from the team at Coffee Lab!

We CLOSE for the holidays and REOPEN Monday JAN 16. Our ONLINE STORE is the place to order your coffee during the holiday break.


Single Origin Coffee Party

RSS By Anna McGregor | Jun. 17, 2016

We have a bunch of delicious new coffees available and are roasting lots of gorgeous single origins every week. Ethically sourced specialty coffee is what we love love love to do! Come into our Coffee Lab store to check out the coffees of the day and also oder our specialty coffees of the week for a taste sensation and a bag of coffee or five to take home or give to your coffee geek friends to make their day :)  Always something new to try!


Brazil Serra Negra Super Natural coffee is here!

RSS By Anna McGregor | Feb. 24, 2016

For the first time in NZ we have a Super Natural process coffee from Serra Negra Farm we visited in the coffee heaven Minas Gerais region of Brazil. We were real lucky to get our hands on one of only 6 sacks produced globally. Coffee cherries were dried for a longer period at lower temperatures which has produced a very nice sweet Brazil. Come get some in store or choose specialty coffee of the week in our online store :)


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