Coffee from our Roaster

RSS By Anna McGregor | May. 29, 2014

From our roaster, there is something for everyone! Ace Brazil Saint Gabriel Pulped Natural, Brazil Paracatu Estate Washed, Costa Rica La Minita, Ethiopian Koke Natural, Ethiopian Konga Light Roast, Don Pepe Estate Geisha Fully Washed, Kenyan Kangocho AA Nordic Approach Light Roast, Tanzanian Pick of the Harvest Shade, Organic Sumatran Dolok Sanggul, Guatemala El Triangulo Mountain Water Decaf, Coffee Lab Premium Blend. Get some great coffee for the long weekend!


Don Pepe Estate Panama Geisha is here...

RSS By Anna McGregor | May. 14, 2014

Don Pepe Estate Panama Geisha is here! Get some, you wont be disappointed!


OH MY GOSH....Great coffees!!!

RSS By Anna McGregor | May. 07, 2014

Well guys, what a week! New crop Costa Rica La Minita has arrived in all it's glory in the knick of time before we ran out of the last crop.  We also got into store our Tanzania Blackburn Estate Pick of the Harvest Shade roasted today and is featured as our Specialty Coffee of the week.

 Our Don Pepe Geisha has also arrived along with an outstanding Bolivian and more Kenyan AA,  AND Guatemala El Triangulo Mountain Water Decaf, just roasted today and looks pretty jolly nice for a decaf!!! We also have some very delish and OUTSTANDING light roast Kenyan Kangocho AA which has been roasted for Sam's NZ Brewers Cup Competition brew. GOOD LUCK TO SAM BORCHERS IN WELLINGTON THIS SATURDAY!!!!!

Want some great coffee and time out with your lovely? Come and visit for a nice lunch and a brew :D    Cant wait to see ya!


Some of the Coffees on offer this week..

RSS By Anna McGregor | Apr. 09, 2014

There are some great single origin coffees available this week at Coffee Lab. Take a bag home or come and get a superbly made coffee with your mates. The Ethiopian Chelba Natural is featuring for the last week coz sadly it is now all finished. There is a beautiful Ethiopian Konga Washed Coffee roasted uber light for soft brew. Everyone loves this coffee!  Also some great Kenyans sourced through Nordic approach that are delicious. Have a great week from the team at Coffee Lab.


A great week at Coffee Lab

RSS By Anna McGregor | Feb. 13, 2014

We've had the best week cupping some great coffee samples from our friends at #Mercanta #Coffee #Hunters. We slurped away and oohed and ahhed over Don Pepe Geisha, Kenyan AA Kii, Tanzanian Pick of the Harvest Sun and shade crops, Indonesian Aceh Takengon, Guatemala La Perla, and last but not least a Guatemalan S/O El Triangulo decaf which was the best decaf I think we've tried.  Conclusion is we have some Don Pepe Geisha, Kenya AA Kii, Tanzania Pick of the Harvest shade crop and a nice Bolivian grown by Asencio Tacona in Nueve Llustre {at an impressive altitude of 1690 masl} & that decaf on order and due to arrive in April. So we are looking forward to keeping our S/O and Geisha loving friends enjoying bucket list coffee!

Speaking of bucket list coffee, if you have't tried the Yemen Haraaz-Red Maraqar A+ then you better rock into Coffee Lab cafe tomoro with your best coffee loving mate and get your taste buds blown off the planet. Seriously amazing natural where the processors prchased only ripe red cherries and dried them on raised african beds to produce the cleanest natural I have ever seen in my roasting tray to date.  Mmmm, I'm definitely going to have another two :D

Good night from the team at Coffee Lab and have a good one!


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