Mini mazzer (electronic) doserless grinder


This is one of the best home/office espresso grinders you will buy. Flat 65mm burrs grind directly into the basket and are easily replaceable burrs which means this purchase will last you a good many years if not, a lifetime. Relatively quiet, quick, adjustable to get that perfect shot. The grinder is in fact more important than the espresso machine because if the grind does not produce the correct proportion of fines to coarse grind which is essential for a good espresso, your puck will saturate quickly if there are too many fines (a result of blunt burrs or non precision grinders) and the maximum extraction of flavour from the puck is impossible to achieve.

  • Burrs should be replaced annually for general home use
  • Money saved on coffee is a major plus as you only grind what you need...fresh per cup
  • Stepless easy adjustment to acheive that perfect grind to suit your daily coffee needs