Brazil Serra Negra Super Natural


New Crop has arrived!

Brazil Serra Negra farm is famous in Brazil and globally and is producer of some of Brazil's finest coffee.

Serra Negra Super Natural is now available in New Zealand exclusive to Coffee Lab.

This is a new process in Brazil developed by farmer Andre Nakao where the ripe coffee cherries are dried at lower temperatures over a longer period of time to develop sweeter flavours in the coffee. We have found this also gives more stability in the green bean flavours and shelf life in between harvests from one year to the next. We cupped this coffee with Andre on our last Brazil origin trip and selected it as the sweetest coffee on the table. Andre and his father Orlando (3rd and 4th generation coffee growers in Brazil with Japanese origin) have made this coffee available to us in NZ. It is UTZ certified and a coffee we are proud to offer. Carefully roasted to develop the sweet peach and milk chocolate taste notes, the coffee is then hand sorted and packaged immediately to preserve the freshness and flavours.

Farmers: Andre & Orlando Nakao
Altitude: 1200 masl
Process: Super natural
Varietals: IBC 125

Taste Notes: Cherry, muscavado sugar, milk chocolate. Clean cup with balanced acidity, silky body & sweet finish.