Specialty Coffee- Rwanda Musasa & Brazil Samambaia

RSS By Anna McGregor | Jul. 10, 2012

Now available these rare and interesting specialty coffees

Rwanda Musasa -

Region:Northern Rushashi District


Varietal:Red Bourbon

Process:Washed & sun dried

Traced to:Musasa Co-op

From one of the largest coffee co-ops which is 80% farmed by women comes this exceptional coffee bringing life and a future back to the once thriving coffee industry in Rwanda.     

Taste Notes: Complex lime acidity, berryfruit & red grape with a sweet syrupy body        


Brazil Samambaia from Henrique Dias Cambraia Certified by: Brasil Specialty Association 

Tasting Notes:A Cup of Excellence winning farm this coffee has brown sugar sweetness with dark chocolate, cherry, almonds & cinnamon.   

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