New Brazil into store from Minas Gerais

RSS By Anna McGregor | Jun. 12, 2013

We have a great new Brazil in store from the Minas Gerais northwest which is a washed single estate clean rich flavoursome coffee that will not disappoint Brazil coffee Lovers.


Another Superb Washed Ethiopian Coffee

RSS By Anna McGregor | May. 20, 2013

This is another mouth watering washed Ethiopian Limu Kossa coffee that is a Stunner!!! 

Taste Notes: Sweet dark chocolate, hint of floral jasmine, nice body with juicy mouthfeel and long yum chocolate finish.


Coffee Lab Review : 87/100 CUP SCORE                             


Winner of the 2013 NZ Coffee Cup Tasting Champs!

RSS By Anna McGregor | Apr. 30, 2013

Kristiane McGregor, from Coffee Lab, is the 2ND time WINNER of the NZ Coffee Cup Tasting Championship, run by the NZ Specialty Coffee Association on Friday 19th April 2013.
She will now be representing NZ at the World Coffee Cup Tasting Championships held in Nice, France this June.

At the NZ Cup Tasting championship, the top Coffee Cup Tasters from around NZ compete against each other to win the honor of competing in the World Championship in June.
The competition consists of tasting 8 triangulations (8 sets of 3 black, filter made coffees) of coffee in 8 minutes. The winner has to have the best accuracy with the fastest speed.

Kristiane scored 8/8 in 3.5minutes round 1, and 6/8 in the finals in just over 3minutes to win the competition, cementing her status as a NZ Coffee Industry Super Taster.



Coffee Lab Cafe Celebrated our 1st Birthday!

RSS By Anna McGregor | Apr. 15, 2013

One year has passed already since we opened the Coffee Lab Roastery Cafe and it's been fantastic! So many mazing customers coming through the doors and the best team in Auckland on our staff to fly the Specailty Coffee Flag. We are officially "The Specialty Coffee Dealers of Auckland."  Winning the Gold award for the best organic coffee for the second year in a row was a proud moment for us :) 

We have been roasting a variety of single origin coffees from Brazil, Bolivia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Rwanda, Sumatra, and Kenya which has been fantastic. Cup of Excellence coffees, Organic coffees, Direct Trade coffees, Specialty coffees, Presidential coffees.....espresso, filter, light roast, medium roast .... we love to try it all. The last year has seen our coffee sourcing team go to Sumatra, Brazil and Costa Rica which has been awesome. Importing our handpicked (literally!) coffees from these countries has been a great experience and we are planning on many more trips to get the very best coffee into your hands.

We would like to sincerely thank all our amazing customers for supporting our journey into the world of Specialty coffee over the years. It's been a blast. When you decide to wander into Coffee Lab Cafe, this is what you will find.....

Coffee Lab Caf Mission Statement

We are a Specialty Coffee Company focused on providing an amazing specialty coffee experience through taste and education, amazing fresh food and exceptional service. We all work together as a team to achieve this through a commitment to learn, sharing knowledge and growing our skills. No question is unaskable! We aim to build a coffee destination like no other on the planet. Don't delay!!!! Come and enjoy it...before somebody else does...


Nicaragua La Laguna Cup of Excellence 2012 Lot 21

RSS By Anna McGregor | Mar. 15, 2013

From the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence program we bring you outstanding coffee from Luis Emilio Valladarez and La Laguna Farm.


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