Kenyan Mukangu Specialty coffee again this week!

RSS By Anna McGregor | Nov. 12, 2012

This is an amazing Kenyan that we have in stock, the Kenyan Mukangu has gorgeous juicy flavours and lime acidity and will not disappoint!


Guatemala La Perla Specialty Coffee

RSS By Anna McGregor | Nov. 08, 2012

We present to you the famous Guatemala La Perla from the Arenas family who have won the prestigious Cup of Excellence presidential award in 2006, continuing to produce quality specialty coffee. Hand harvested ripe cherries are washed and sun dried to produce this very nice coffee. Taste notes:sweet lime citrus with a silky body and cocoa finish. Medium roast profile


Nicaragua Cup of Excellence from Santa Gema Farm

RSS By Anna McGregor | Oct. 29, 2012

Some of the coffees this week at Coffee Lab are the amazing maragogype bean from the Santa Gema farm gained 10th place in the national Cup of Excellence competitions with a score of 87.53/100 in the 2011 competitions. This washed and sundried coffee is astonishing with taste notes of peach, brown sugar, tamarillo and pink grapefruit. A stunning black coffee that will capture your palate and take it to heaven! We also bring you again the Kenyan Mukangu with a presidential 90/100 cup score that reflects in the cup flavour.


Cup of Excellence Coffee from EL Salvador

RSS By Anna McGregor | Oct. 23, 2012

Here's hoping all you fine Kiwi's had a great long weekend planting your gardens and hanging out with your buddies drinking dang fine coffee... oh... and that the Rugby heads have recovered from the SHOCK!!! of the AB's not least Richie might have some more heroic war scars on his handsome face to show for it all!  Well, I'm sitting here sipping on the AMAZING El Salvador La Nueva Cup of Excellence nectar of the gods...This is the last of our supplies of this gorgeous coffee which you can buy from our online store. DON"T MISS OUT!  We were also in the mood for a nice Brazil and Lambari Estate Coffee danced it's way through the roaster almost as loudly as a good Lambada track...



RSS By Anna McGregor | Oct. 15, 2012

From the President of the American Specialty Coffee Association, Ric Rhinehart, is an article where he writes in more detail about the origins of the term "specialty coffee" presented by Erna Knutsen in 1978 given to international coffee conference delegates in France. For those of you who love a good coffee story read "What is Specialty Coffee?"


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