Nordic Cupping Evening and Coffee Geekerie

RSS By Anna McGregor | Nov. 16, 2013

Come and join us this Tuesday evening 19th November for a Nordic Cupping and chats about coffee culture, cupping and roasting. Please click the link to read more!


Specialty coffee of the week El Salvador Las Nubes

RSS By Anna McGregor | Nov. 14, 2013

Fresh from our roaster today for the SPECIALTY COFFEE OF THE WEEK is the El Salvador Las Nubes fully washed, sundried and 100% bourbon from the Santa Ana volcanic plateau. This is a medium roast profile and serves up as a delicious espresso as well as a balanced flavour filled milk coffee for your flat white.

We have quite an array of single origin specialty coffees available this week including:

Brazil Serra do Bone - an outstanding organic pulped natural from one of the best organic coffee farmers in Brazil and a Cup of Excellence winning farm; Costa Rica La Minita - from Bill McAlpin, the author of ethical and quality coffee and founder of one of the first specialty coffee farms this coffee is quite simply "chocolate in the cup!"; Kenyan Gichathaini from Nordic approach(LIGHT ROAST) from Tim Wendleboe's selection and it's delicious!!!; Nicaragua La Laguna Cup of Excellence (this is the last of it folks!); Santa Teresa Panama Geisha as well as our Premium Blend, El Gringo Blend and Cupids Arrow Blend. Come and spoil yourself!!


Panama Geisha Santa Teresa

RSS By Anna McGregor | Nov. 11, 2013
Officially the 2nd most expensive coffee we have ever purchased! The Santa Teresa Estate Panama Geisha. I remember well the first time I tried the Esmeralda Panama Geisha coffee (from the Petersons farm) on the cupping table in 2010.The occasion was the Australasian inaugural Coffee Chemistry seminar run by..


Kenyan Gichathaini is now avaiable!

RSS By Anna McGregor | Nov. 04, 2013

We are stoked to bring you this delicious Kenyan Gichathaini current crop. Roasted light for non pressurised brewing we recommend V60 preparation of 14gm to 150ml. But you can't go to far wrong with this delicious Kenyan sourced by Nordic Approach.


Costa Rica La Minita Wins top Award

RSS By Anna McGregor | Oct. 13, 2013

Coffee Lab won Gold and the top award for Ethical Traded Coffee in the recent New Zealand coffee awards with our Costa Rica La Minita Tarrazu. 

We are proud to present the real winners of this award, our friends at Hacienda La Minita and we are proud to have this coffee. There is a massive team of dedicated people who work to bring a fantastic coffee to you. We thank everyone at the farm! Visiting at harvest in January was an absolute highlight for us and we loved every minute at this beautiful place. Thanks to the team at Hacienda La Minita!!!! Please view the photos of the farm on our FB page here


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