Yemen Haraaz-Red Maqahar Grade A+

RSS By Anna McGregor | Sep. 12, 2013
This exceptional rare Yemeni coffee is different from anything you have ever tasted. Very limited supply!!! TASTE NOTES: Dried banana, grape, tangy acidity, fruity aroma; rich syrupy body thats coats your palate long after drinking; the best natural we have encountered! Not for the fainthearted, a celebration of rich strong flavour. 94/100 CUPPING SCORE Region: Haraaz Mountains Altitude: 1990 2440masl Varietal: Jaadi, Taffahi, Dawairi Process: Natural- Red ripe cherries dried in perfect conditions slowly on raised beds.


A new Ethiopian into store and we LOVE IT!

RSS By Anna McGregor | Aug. 22, 2013

A superb washed Grade One coffee from the Konga micro region of Yirgacheffe is now available. This was one of the favourites on the cupping table this year! This amazing Ethiopian is another fantastic new crop coffee into our store. Just like the many and varied flavour attributes of red wine in the different regions of New Zealand so are the many and varied flavours of good Ethiopian coffee. Being a washed coffee this is clean and free of any fermented beans (more commonly found in natural processed coffees) which are floated off during the washing process. It is estimated there are between six thousand and ten thousand original Heirloom varietals in the highlands of Ethiopia! This coffee reflects the rich and distinct Konga region appelations of citrus, stonefruit and bergamot notes with rich dark chocolate goodness reflected in the cup.

TASTE NOTES: Complex peach stone fruit and lemon acidity with floral bergamot notes, silky mouthfeel and a rich dark chocolate lingering finish.


New Brazil into store from Minas Gerais

RSS By Anna McGregor | Jun. 12, 2013

We have a great new Brazil in store from the Minas Gerais northwest which is a washed single estate clean rich flavoursome coffee that will not disappoint Brazil coffee Lovers.


Another Superb Washed Ethiopian Coffee

RSS By Anna McGregor | May. 20, 2013

This is another mouth watering washed Ethiopian Limu Kossa coffee that is a Stunner!!! 

Taste Notes: Sweet dark chocolate, hint of floral jasmine, nice body with juicy mouthfeel and long yum chocolate finish.


Coffee Lab Review : 87/100 CUP SCORE                             


Winner of the 2013 NZ Coffee Cup Tasting Champs!

RSS By Anna McGregor | Apr. 30, 2013

Kristiane McGregor, from Coffee Lab, is the 2ND time WINNER of the NZ Coffee Cup Tasting Championship, run by the NZ Specialty Coffee Association on Friday 19th April 2013.
She will now be representing NZ at the World Coffee Cup Tasting Championships held in Nice, France this June.

At the NZ Cup Tasting championship, the top Coffee Cup Tasters from around NZ compete against each other to win the honor of competing in the World Championship in June.
The competition consists of tasting 8 triangulations (8 sets of 3 black, filter made coffees) of coffee in 8 minutes. The winner has to have the best accuracy with the fastest speed.

Kristiane scored 8/8 in 3.5minutes round 1, and 6/8 in the finals in just over 3minutes to win the competition, cementing her status as a NZ Coffee Industry Super Taster.



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