Scott Rao Classes Happening Soon at Coffee Lab

RSS By Anna McGregor | Nov. 12, 2014

Coffee Lab is super stoked to be hosting Scott Rao in December for his Master Roast Class,   Master Manual Brew Class  and  Espresso Class. Scott promises these classes will change the face of cutting edge coffee in NZ and we cant wait!. Roasters and coffee geeks from around NZ are attending and we will be geeking out to the max! Scott has cupped and analysed data for over 20,000 coffees from around the world and has discovered some solid keys to preparing delicious coffee from roast phase to brew phase. There has been rave reviews from the countries he has run them in and we are looking forward to a good old shake up. We reckon there's some great coffee in NZ but it could be even better!  For roasters, get his new book  THE ROASTERS COMPANION  which is full of pearlers. Classes are nearly full so be in quick!

The Roast and Brew classes will be held at Coffee Lab and the Espresso Class at La Marzocco NZ HQ in Parnell. These classes are for Coffee Industry people and for those of you who love their services, look forward to wonderful magical moments ahead!


Anna and Kristiane's Brazil Coffee Adventure

RSS By Anna McGregor | Sep. 19, 2014

In July, Kristiane and Anna went to Brazil on a fantastic journey from Brasilia down to Santos. We met Marcelo "tudo bem" Pedroso of Volcafe Patrocinio and Drew from Hacienda La Minita in Brasilia and started the drive down to Patrocinio through the Minas Gerais coffee growing region stopping at a number of farms along the way on our excellent brazilian adventure. 


                                             SUN DRYING NATURALS

On this coffee sourcing trip for Coffee Lab New Zealand we quickly saw that good quality coffee was synonomous with multi generational coffee farms. Like the Paraiso da Nascente farm in Paracatu where most of our brazilian coffee is sourced.  I had awesome chats with Evanildo Peres whose grandparents came from Spain to grow coffee last century and his daughter Ana who is a talented agronamist working in coffee farming research with the brazilian government. Ana had just returned from presenting papers about root disease resistant coffee varietals in South Africa. My Portuguese speaking learnt when I lived in Brazil from 1987-1991 quickly returned and gave opportunity for in depth conversation between a passionate NZ coffee roaster and these passionate coffee growers. Evanildo showed us around his immaculate farm where every detail of the coffee trees, growing, harvest, drying and processing was treated with utmost care for production of a quality product. It was easy to see why their coffee samples stood out over others we received and we are happy to pay the higher premium for this delicious coffee. Evanildo is also the vice president of the Cerrado de Araguari Cooperative where the regions coffee is processed and prepared for export. We tasted a variety of coffee the team there prepared for us and it was an awesome experience! Their motto: We value our people and love our land. We care for nature and of course produce excellent coffee! 

                                     KRISTIANE WITH FARMER EVANILDO PERES

Of the many other farms we visited was Serra Negra with 170 hectares of the total 340 hectares planted with coffee trees.

I chatted with another passionate 4th generation farmer Andre Nakao whose....


Coffee from our Roaster

RSS By Anna McGregor | May. 29, 2014

From our roaster, there is something for everyone! Ace Brazil Saint Gabriel Pulped Natural, Brazil Paracatu Estate Washed, Costa Rica La Minita, Ethiopian Koke Natural, Ethiopian Konga Light Roast, Don Pepe Estate Geisha Fully Washed, Kenyan Kangocho AA Nordic Approach Light Roast, Tanzanian Pick of the Harvest Shade, Organic Sumatran Dolok Sanggul, Guatemala El Triangulo Mountain Water Decaf, Coffee Lab Premium Blend. Get some great coffee for the long weekend!


Don Pepe Estate Panama Geisha is here...

RSS By Anna McGregor | May. 14, 2014

Don Pepe Estate Panama Geisha is here! Get some, you wont be disappointed!


OH MY GOSH....Great coffees!!!

RSS By Anna McGregor | May. 07, 2014

Well guys, what a week! New crop Costa Rica La Minita has arrived in all it's glory in the knick of time before we ran out of the last crop.  We also got into store our Tanzania Blackburn Estate Pick of the Harvest Shade roasted today and is featured as our Specialty Coffee of the week.

 Our Don Pepe Geisha has also arrived along with an outstanding Bolivian and more Kenyan AA,  AND Guatemala El Triangulo Mountain Water Decaf, just roasted today and looks pretty jolly nice for a decaf!!! We also have some very delish and OUTSTANDING light roast Kenyan Kangocho AA which has been roasted for Sam's NZ Brewers Cup Competition brew. GOOD LUCK TO SAM BORCHERS IN WELLINGTON THIS SATURDAY!!!!!

Want some great coffee and time out with your lovely? Come and visit for a nice lunch and a brew :D    Cant wait to see ya!


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