Coffee Bio's

Every individual coffee has unique qualities and flavour profiles which are the result of altitude, varietal, processing methods and country of origin. As you read each bio it will help your brain connect to your palate and discover the nuances of each coffee. 

Selected coffees are available to purchase via our online store which change on a regular basis. We also showcase at least 3 different espresso coffees and a variety of non-pressurized single origin coffees at the Coffee Lab Cafe. Come and check it out when you are in Auckland, we look forward to seeing you!

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Cup of ExcellenceCup of Excellence
Fair TradeFair Trade
Specialty CoffeeSpecialty Coffee

Costa Rica La Minita Tarrazu Specialty Coffee

By Anna McGregor | Aug. 15, 2013

From Seed to Cup - The very best coffee! Coffee Lab Review 91/100. Grown with incredible care, firstly to the employees, also environment & the bean which is hand picked & sorted with amazing detail, the legendary La Minita is one of the worlds best coffees that we are proud to roast for you. This is a Quality Certified, Rainforest Alliance Direct Trade Specialty Coffee.

El Salvador La Cumbre Cup of Excellence 2012 Lot27

By Anna McGregor | Dec. 01, 2012

Cup of Excellence Lot 27/ 2012 Crop/ Score 85.29/100

El Salvador highlighted their coffee prowess in the 2011 World Barista Championships when Alejandro Mendez won first place in the competition with coffee from El Slavador which was the first time a growing nation had taken out the WBC.

The Cup of Excellence program is designed to highlight excellence in coffee growing and production and as a world recognised program for coffee excellence gave us the confidence to buy this coffee knowing it would be a great coffee and it has not disappointed. The coffee is clean, the foil vaccum packs released rich fruity aromas from the green beans on opening, and the coffee roasted nicely with a loud robust first crack which I have found always to be an indicator of good coffee. As espresso the flavour is punchy, fruity and crisp in the mouth. As a long black the tangerine acidity and smooth pleasant chocolate flavours fill the palate with a lasting flavor. As a flat white, when it cools, the coffee flavor is highlighted with a smooth Lindt chocolate sweet flavor and silky body in the mouth.  


Costa Rica Herbazu Estate 2011 Specialty Coffee

By Anna McGregor | Nov. 05, 2012

We are excited to be able to offer you this rare and amazing Costa Rican Coffee! This farm was made famous by 2007 World Barista Champ James Hoffman who used the coffee in his winning performance. This 2011 caught our attention when we cupped in Melbourne recently and finally it has arrived.


Bolivia Organic Juana Mamani Specialty Coffee

By Anna McGregor | Jul. 10, 2012

Juana Mamani started her own coffee farm at just 16 after working 5 yearsat her sister's coffee farm. At 23 she won 2nd place in the Bolivia Cup of Excellence program in 2007 with an astounding score of 90.78! She has continued to produce astouding specialty coffee since. We are proud to present this wonderful coffee into the NZ Market with a story of success and sustainability that sees Juana paid well for her coffee. Juanamanually depulps her coffee cherries and ferments them in concrete tanks before drying the beans on raised beds.Taste Notes: Floral aroma with flavours of berries, cane sugar, honey and milk chocolate. Very bright and juicy with an elegant, complex acidity and sugary sweetness. Roasted to approx 45 Agtron. 

Brasil Coral Specialty Coffee

By Anna McGregor | May. 17, 2012

From Bahia this 2011/2012 crop is a beautiful chocolate, orange and spice flavoured Brasil imported by Coffee Lab as a Direct Trade and is a mighty fine Strictly Soft Fine Cup (SSFC) specialty grade that is extremely enjoyable! .

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