Roasting Coffee Lab NZ style....

Roasting at Coffee Lab is all about what I like to call the "Journey to the Perfect Cup". We roast for excellence. Average is not the plan for us. "A Masterpeice In Every Cup" is our philosophy.

As the head roaster/blender and coffee buyer alongside Rob, coffee roasting to me is a combination of huge passion; exploring the science of coffee by careful, calculated & recorded experimentation combined with the culinary craft of taking coffee beans that have been expertly grown at origin and unlocking the unique flavors inside the bean with the roasting method. It is all about finding the sweet spot od deliciousness in each single origin for the intended and ever growing brew methods.      I have a recorded roast profile for every roast I've done for the last few years which has been a fantastic education in itself! In 2013  I added Cropster to my roaster which is a fantastic recording and roasting tool. After Master Roast classes with Scott Rao in 2014 and 2015 we have learnt more about coffee roasting than the last 10 years put together! Enjoying the challenge of growing and changing with the global specailty coffee industry which is ever changing in it's understanding of what we do and why and how we do it!

Also I might add a love for delivering a quality product and a bit of an addiction to great coffee.....

We love to have a "hands on" approach and we continually carefully inspect the beans, both green and roasted and hand sort out any defects that slip through the processing at origin. Over the years of roasting and now on our third roasting machine we would confidently declare that the green beans, the quality of the roaster itself and then the careful technique of when and how much heat to apply and for how long the heat is applied in balance with air flow and bean development is paramount in cup quality.

Also it appears that you do get what you pay for.  No expense has been spared with the temperature probes (bean and air), air flow valve, variable drum speed controller and of course the fantastic and much sort after Probat UG22. This is the Mercedes Benz for specialty coffee roasters and really does deliver the goods when it is expertly driven. We are in essence, hopeless coffee addicts who love to study into the fine and complex details (there are many of them) that link together from seed to cup to present that beverage that brings more people together around the world than any other. We love the people we meet along the journey and the opportunity to be a part of this fine industry.