Specialty Coffee Professionals

Our Story...

Coffee Lab began from a passion for roasting excellence and quality fresh coffee in 2002. Coffee Lab is a 100% independently New Zealand owned McGregor family Roasting Company. We are dedicated to bring you a contemporary and professional specialty coffee experience.

Rob McGregor has been working over 19 years in the coffee industry with detailed technical knowledge in all aspects of production and retail. His trips to origin in Brasil and Sumatra in recent years to visit farms, processing plants and growers has been a full circle of seed to cup with adventure, having visited South America, Italy, Germany, Europe, USA, & Australia experiencing the far reaching trends of the global coffee industry.

Anna McGregor has worked together with Rob to build and grow cafes, espresso bars and now their roasting company. Anna has also widely travelled through South America, Europe, UK, USA, Asia and Australia checking out the global coffee scene. Trying the many coffee drinking styles around the globe from the years they lived in Brasil of drinking the cafezinhos; the "sock" coffee in Singapore; the Kopi Roti in the Philippines; the Spanish espresso made as a "cortado" in Spain and also found in Paris; Illy espresso in Italy; the amazing and famous light roast Melbourne espresso; the famous Flat White cafe in Soho, London with their defined rosettas; and now the love of well made NZ style freshly roasted espresso.

Having trained in Industrial Chemistry, Anna loves the science behind coffee, roasting and the challenge of producing an exceptional product which each step from the growing of the seed, picking of the ripe cherry, processing, shipping, storage, roasting, packaging and equipment used all marks a complex chain of events to pour exceptional coffee. 

Kristiane McGregor is the 2010 New Zealand Coffee Cup Tasting Champion, (and started as a barista at 12 years old) - meaning taste is a skill that we take seriously and cupping and tasting our various coffee origins is a big part of our day. Kristiane won the New Zealand title again in 2013 and at the

World Coffee Events Cup Tasting Champhionship 2013 in Nice, France, came

6th IN THE WORLD!!!!! What a legend!

We roast only the finest quality beans on a beautifully restored 60's Probat UG22 roaster. Each batch is carefully profiled during roasting with Cropster recently added to our roast recording, then hand sorted with the expert eye of Harley McGregor (who has a wonderful ability to "get whatever needs doing...done") before & after roasting to capture the exquisite flavours, remove any bean defects and guarantee a good cup of coffee.

We actively search for Specialty and Ethically Traded coffees. Please inquire about Cup of Excellence availability which is a taste of excellence and a fantastic showcase of each origin country. 

Committed to you

We are a boutique company which is big enough to deliver and small enough to care. All our coffee is freshly roasted upon ordering, packed immediately into air tight packaging, delivered directly to your business, home or work place. Please visit our online shop to order your fresh beans.  Keep connected with Coffee Lab through Face book, Twitter and our RSS feed, where we will keep you up to date with coffee geek input.

Our Values

After personal experience in the slums of Brazil and the Philippines, a big part of the purpose of Coffee Lab is to actively support Social Justice in the care of orphans, abandoned kids & the poor. We make it part of our business to help wherever we can and are committed to a number of charitable causes. We have built homes and toilets and helped people into business, education, put food on tables (something wee boys love!!!). One thing Anna particularly enjoyed doing on a trip to a very small and poor village inland Brasil was buying a horse & plough for a gentleman who is the local kids soccer volunteer coach. This allowed him to be self employed and plough land for crops which hugely improved his life.  We love to do this kind of stuff and that is really what life is about for us and a big part of who we are.